How do I access Apache Spark?

You can access Spark through a SparkContext which is created by Apache Toree when the kernel starts. You can access the context through the sc variable.

How do I add a jar?

Jars are added through the AddJar magic. You simply need to supply an URL for the jar to be added.

%AddJar http://myproject.com/myproject/my.jar

For more information about the AddJar magic see the Magic Tutorial Notebook.

How do I add a library/dependency?

Dependencies stored in repositories can be added through the AddDeps magic. An example usage would be:

%AddDeps my.company artifact-id version

If the dependency you are trying to add has transitive dependencies, you can add the --transitive flag to add those dependencies as well. For more information about the AddDeps magic see the Magic Tutorial Notebook.

How do I visualize data?

The most straightforward way to add data visualization with Apache Toree is through the Jupyter Declarative Widgets project.

How do I create dashboards with interactive widgets?

Notebooks can be changed into dashboards through the Jupyter Dashboards project. This project allows you to use Jupyter Declarative Widgets in your dashboards.